Paris Web 2013 – Review

“Paris Web” is definitely one of the best conference in Paris dedicated to Webdesign, Quality, and Accesibility and I was There! It’s dedicated to people building the web: Designers, HTML Coders, Engineers, UX, Information Architects and to all of us who love the web.

Best conferences I have been to:

HTML5 accessibility by Steve Faulkner: a great update on what works and what does not work with accessibility and HTML5, through the eye of users with disabilities as well as with browsers. In short, it was really focusing on the use of semantic, for example a <div> or a <span> have no meaning while the use of <section> have an impact when badly implemented.

Learning to love: Crash course in emotional UX design by Mariusz Ciesla: Awesome presentation about how we can improve our relationship with users by having a very 1:1 type of conversation with them. Through many different examples Mariusz shows how you can really initiate a very personal approach on the web.

A small step for Em a giant leap for the web [FR] by Nicolas Hoizey: a great reminder why we should use Em or Rem instead of pixels simply because screens have become so many that it becomes almost impossible to anticipate what the user habit is. Therefore having Em or REM allows users to have fonts fitting exactly each screen resolutions.

Adaptive Images for Responsive Web Design by Christopher Schmitt: excellent reminder and update of how complicated it has become to provide appropriate image sizes to any type of devices : mobile, desktop, tablets, etc. really scary, no perfect solution ahead.

Designing with Sensors: Creating Adaptive Experiences par Avi Itzkovitch: it could also have been called big data and personalization, the digital world we live-in and the next coming one!

It was defintiely great, I’ll be there next year!

16. October 2013 by Jean-Hugues Bretin
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  1. Awesome, thanks for mentioning! :)

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